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Call for Nominations 2020

Nominations are now open for President, Treasurer, Directors of seven Districts, and roles on three important Committees!  

Nomination Deadline

The deadline by which all Board and Committee nominations must be RECEIVED by the Chief Returning Officer at the AMAPCEO office is 12:00 noon (ET) on Friday, October 30, 2020.  Nominations may only be submitted by completing an online form, found at

Submit your nomination for President, Treasurer, District Director or ADC Committees (Member login required)

Positions Open for Nomination – Fall 2020

The following positions are open for nomination at this time. A summary of roles and responsibilities of each position appears further below.

Board of Directors

  1. President – to be elected by Delegates at the Annual Delegates’ Conference (ADC) 
  2. Treasurer – to be elected by Delegates at the Annual Delegates’ Conference (ADC)
  3. Seven (7) District Directors – one Director to be elected by AMAPCEO members from each of seven of the Districts (see list further below). 

    Note:  All members of the Board are typically elected for 2-year terms, staggered in such a way that the terms of one-half of the Board expire annually. The terms of the Vice President,  Secretary and four District Directors continue for another year, so those positions are not up for nomination at this time. Incumbents are eligible for re-election. The term of office begins on January 1, 2021.

ADC Committees

  1. Audit Committee – Three positions on the Audit Committee are open for nomination.
  2. Elections and Credentials Committee – Two positions on the Elections and Credentials Committee are open for nomination.
  3. Resolutions Committee - Four positions on the Resolutions Committee are open for nomination. One position is for a one-year term, due to a resignation.

Note:  Members of AMAPCEO Committees are typically elected for 2-year terms. Incumbents are eligible for re-election.  The term of office for all committees begins on January 1, 2021.

Nomination Process

Self-nominations are typical. A candidate may withdraw a nomination at any time in the process. Nominations submitted after the nomination deadline will not be accepted for any reason (including technology failure), so candidates are encouraged not to leave it to someone else to submit their nomination and not to leave your nomination until the last minute. Candidates are required to comply with the campaign rules (By-law #1.)

All candidates are encouraged to submit with their nomination a one-page candidate statement (one side of an 8.5” x 11” sheet) that can be posted on the AMAPCEO website. A link to the statement will also be distributed with an electronic ballot sent to all eligible voters in the District.  

Candidates for Director also entitled to prepare (using their own resources) a 5-minute video and/or audio recording for posting on the AMAPCEO website. The submission of both the written and video candidate statements is optional, but candidates are encouraged to do so in order to permit voters to learn more about candidates’ views and cast an informed vote.

The deadline for submitting written candidate statements and recordings is the nomination deadline Friday, October 30, 2020.

Who Can Participate

To participate in the nomination and election process (as a candidate or voter), you must be a signed-up member in good standing with a home position in an AMAPCEO bargaining unit. To be nominated as a Director, you must have a home position in the District in which you are a candidate for Director.  Those acting in or seconded to an AMAPCEO position with a home position outside the bargaining unit are not eligible to participate.

If you are not sure you have signed an AMAPCEO membership form, please contact the AMAPCEO office (416-595-9000 or 1-888-AMAPCEO or by e-mail at Deduction of membership dues is not, in and of itself, an indication that you are a member; you must also sign a membership form.  It is not too late to fill out and return a membership form, but it must be received no later than the nomination deadline (Friday, October 30, 2020​) if you want to be added to your District’s voters list in time for the upcoming elections.

Election Process 

Candidates for Director will also be offered the opportunity to prepare a 5-minute speech and respond to 3 – 5 questions, with the written responses posted on the AMAPCEO website for interested voters to listen to. Candidates will be contacted by the committee with further details.

If an election is required, an e-mail will be sent to the members in the District containing a link to an online ballot. The electronic voting process is conducted by an independent third-party voting firm, Simply Voting.

How to Find Your District

All members have been assigned to the geographic District corresponding to the workplace of your home position.  Your District affiliation appears on your Home Page after you log in to the AMAPCEO website.  

Districts with Director Elections in Fall 2020

The seven Districts whose Director positions are open for nomination this Fall are:

  • Bay Street
  • Front
  • Frost Whitney (1 year term)
  • GTA North
  • Midtown
  • Northern Ontario
  • Western Ontario

Roles and Responsibilities of Members of the Board of Directors

The AMAPCEO Board of Directors consists of 15 members: four executive officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer) and 11 Directors, with one Director elected by and from each of the 11 Districts. Under the AMAPCEO Constitution, the Board is responsible for managing the affairs of the Association.

All members of the Board of Directors are expected to attend monthly board meetings held in Toronto.  Board members are also automatically Delegates and attend the ADC (scheduled for late November or early December each year; this year it will be held on November 25) and are also members of one or more committees and other bodies that meet (sometimes in person and sometimes by teleconference) during the year.  Members are provided with paid leave from their respective workplaces to participate in meetings and are entitled to claim relevant travel, meal and accommodation expenses under the provisions of the AMAPCEO expense reimbursement policy

Role of the President: The President is the chief executive officer of AMAPCEO and the Chair of the Board’s Executive Committee. Responsibilities include: Providing leadership to and carrying out the mission of the whole organization; preparing, with the Secretary, the agenda for meetings of the Executive Committee and the Board; and ensuring that all policies and actions approved by the Delegates’ Conference and the Board of Directors are properly implemented. The President is a member of both the Annual Delegates’ Conference and the Activists and Leaders Forum. The President’s duties typically require a full-time leave from the incumbent’s home position.

Role of the Treasurer: The Treasurer is the chief financial officer of AMAPCEO and oversees financial procedures, receipts and expenditures, reporting regularly to the Board of Directors and the Delegates on financial matters. The Treasurer is responsible for preparing the draft annual operating budget. The Treasurer is a member of the Executive Committee and Board; is a member of the Delegates’ Conference and the Activists and Leaders Forum; sits ex officio on the Audit Committee; and chairs the Board’s Finance Committee. The Treasurer is able to access paid leave (less than full-time) to perform the responsibilities of the position and participate in required meetings.

Role of District Directors:  The 11 Directors have a dual role – as members of the Board and as chairs of their respective District Executive Committee.  As Directors, they provide oversight and approval of by-laws, policies, budgets and plans; collectively, with the executive officers, they exercise the specific responsibilities and authority given to the Board under the Constitution; and individually, they assume specific leadership responsibilities or portfolios, including chairing the Board, serving on committees, leading projects, representing AMAPCEO at events and other roles that the Board may determine.  All Directors attend meetings of the Activists and Leaders Forum.

Each Director also chairs the Executive Committee of his or her District, consisting of all of the elected Delegates from the District, plus additional representatives if required to ensure representation from all parts of the District. The Executive is required to hold at least four meetings per year.  In addition, the Director chairs general membership meetings in the District and works closely with a District Vice-Chair (who is elected from and by the District Delegates) and other District officers with the goal of representing District members’ interests and helping to build membership engagement within the District.

Roles and Responsibilities of Members of ADC Committees

Audit Committee:  The Audit Committee consists of five members elected by the Delegates.  The Committee has general responsibility for monitoring and evaluating financial policies and AMAPCEO accounts and for meeting with the external auditors.  The committee also recommends appointment of external auditors to the Board of Directors (which, in turn, submits a recommendation to the Delegates).  The AMAPCEO Treasurer is an ex officio resource to the committee.  The committee meets a few times each year by teleconference, with at least one in-person meeting in Toronto.  Terms of reference are set out in By-law 3

Elections and Credentials Committee:  AMAPCEO’s nomination and election process is overseen by the Elections and Credentials Committee, an independent body elected by the Delegates.  The committee chair is the Chief Returning Officer for each election.  The election rules for the Board and Committees are set out in By-law 1.  The Committee conducts most of its business by teleconference but meets in person at least once each year in Toronto and members are required to attend the ADC to supervise elections at the conference.

Resolutions Committee: The Resolutions Committee is responsible for inviting, reviewing and recommending action on policy resolutions submitted by Delegates and committees for consideration at the Annual Delegates’ Conference (ADC).  Most of the work of the committee occurs in the Fall of each year and at the ADC, requiring one in person meeting and possibly one or two teleconference meetings.

The committee consists of five members elected by the Delegates and members serve two-year terms, staggered so that three members are elected one year and two members are elected in the alternate year.  Terms begin on January 1 following their election. The committee elects a Chair and a Vice-Chair. There are two voting ex officio members who sit on the committee: the Secretary of AMAPCEO and another Board member selected by the Board.

More information on the role and responsibilities of the Resolutions Committee can be found in previous committee reports, which include the committee’s terms of reference, found on the Delegates’ and ADC Resource page (that can be accessed on each member’s home page after logging in to the AMAPCEO website).


For further information on the role of the Board of Directors and ADC Committees, please consult the background on AMAPCEO’s governance and representation structure and review AMAPCEO’s Constitution.  If you still have questions, however, do not hesitate to contact Jennifer Sherwood, Director, Membership Services, who serves as staff advisor to the Elections and Credentials Committee, at Extension 2132 (416.595.9000 or 1.888.AMAPCEO) or by e-mail at

If you wish to communicate directly with members of the Elections and Credentials Committee, please do so by e-mail to: The current members of the committee are:  Bryan Card (Chair), Ron Grisbrook (Vice-Chair) and members: Harold Haynes, Nancy Saunders and Mihaela Valcu.