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Jennifer Harewood

District Director, Front

Volunteer Positions:
Workplace Rep, Board

Bargaining Unit: OPS

District: Front

Ministry: Education

Work Address: 315 Front Street West
City: Toronto
Email: Email This Rep


Jennifer Harewood came to the Ontario Public Service (OPS) as an intern with a passion for government and policy. Twenty-one years later, after roles with the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of Community and Social Services, she is a Senior Policy Advisor with the Ministry of Education.

Jennifer had no idea what a Workplace Representative was when she first joined the OPS, but she did know that if there was an issue in the workplace, her colleague Keith would have a chat with management and, like magic, the Collective Agreement would suddenly be adhered to. Keith encouraged Jennifer to figure out how the ‘magic’ happened, and she started getting involved as a delegate. Later, she became a Workplace Representative herself when she saw the potential for an attendance program to be misused against disabled workers.

Inspired by those who inspired her to get involved, Jennifer worked with other activists and Districts to launch volunteer recruitment fairs and joint ice cream days to increase visibility in the workplace and drive new member sign ups. Working collaboratively with other Districts to boost AMAPCEO’s presence will be one of her key focuses as a Director.

An avid consumer of podcasts and political satire, Jennifer loves to listen, so be sure to stop by with any questions, ideas, or even just a good joke!

Jennifer Harewood
District Director, Front