The AMAPCEO Advantage

AMAPCEO is a union of professional employees. The workplaces, or bargaining units, that we represent consist entirely of employees working in the public service, a majority of whom work in government ministries, agencies or bodies. AMAPCEO is a young, vibrant organization that has existed since 1993. As an Association of accomplished professionals, we have a lot to be proud of. Our aim as an organization is to defend our members’ rights, protect Ontario’s public services and advocate for better working conditions for all.

Join Us. We may be the perfect fit for you and your work colleagues – contact us to find out how to join.

  • AMAPCEO is a certified union under the Ontario Labour Relations Act. Employers have the same obligations to us as they do to any other union in Ontario. We can be the front line defenders of your working rights. Contact our office for more information.
  • We are built around the community of interests shared by working professionals. AMAPCEO has significant resources dedicated to promoting your interests: committed leadership, skilled and knowledgeable staff, first-rate legal support and excellent research capacity. We also offer a variety of training, educational and engagement opportunities to help build community in your workplace.
  • AMAPCEO dues are low. We have one of the lowest dues rates in the province, at just 1% of your gross pay. From this amount, one quarter is dedicated to building up our labour disruption fund to defend members and negotiate a strong collective agreement. The remainder goes into the operations and membership services, including staff support and legal advice, to further our work on your behalf.
  • AMAPCEO's constitution puts members first; we are a union of and for our members. Your interests are always at the forefront and are represented through various channels, including your elected representatives on the Board of Directors, your local Chapter Chair, and the elected Delegates who make decisions through our highest governing body, the Annual Delegates’ Conference.
  • There are multiple ways for you to be involved at every level of AMAPCEO. Visit our Get Involved section to find out more.

What Our Members Do

Our members do a wide range of jobs that help to make Ontario’s public services work. Each and every day our members work as: senior policy advisors and policy analysts, financial analysts, education officers, program supervisors, auditors, scientists, public health laboratory coordinators, mediators, arbitrators, veterinarians, pharmacists, racing judges, psychiatric patient advocates, children and youth advocates, chaplains, clinical coordinators, media relations and communications officers, administrative coordinators, information technology architects and specialists, inspectors and investigators, policy advisors, labour market specialists, senior economic officers, economists, transportation enforcement supervisors, intergovernmental affairs specialists, epidemiologists, arts granting officers, among other important roles.

The work of AMAPCEO members touch the lives of Ontarians every day in valuable ways.

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