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Your Bargaining Team - Ombudsman - Children & Youth Unit

Your bargaining team

Ruth Hislop

Ruth Hislop is an Early Resolution Officer at the Ombudsman – Child and Youth Unit. Through her work, she helps ensure that child and youth voices are heard and acknowledged.

“I know that this bargaining will be challenging but this is a crucial time for me to step up. I am committed to advocating for worker rights.”

Hislop has been a proud member of AMAPCEO since starting work for the former Office of the Child and Family Services in 2002. Her extensive work experience and knowledge of AMAPCEO make her a key resource on the bargaining team

Eileen Laffey

An Investigator with the Child and Youth Unit of the Ontario Ombudsman office, Eileen Laffey has over thirty years of experience working in child welfare.

I have done three previous rounds of bargaining. I know the importance of bargaining and I value representing members throughout the process.

Laffey joined AMAPCEO in 2020, but has a long history of union involvement, having served as an activist, steward, and a member of several joint union management committees.