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Immaculate Nevis, Clinical Epidemiologist

When you hear 'healthcare innovations', you might think of high-tech machines and cutting-edge advances. 

Dr. Immaculate Nevis, Clinical Epidemiologist, helps assess which of these treatment options are safe and appropriate for use in Ontario. 

In her role at Health Quality Ontario, Immaculate researches the impact of proposed healthcare innovations on the health of Ontarians and her work contributes to the recommendations made by HQO to government.

Immaculate and her colleagues not only focus on what technology can do, but also on strategies to ensure the patient experience is constantly improving. They help to build a public healthcare system in which everyone can receive treatment that is timely and effective. 

Carefully considering many factors, Immaculate focuses on the how so your local healthcare providers can focus on you.

AMAPCEO represents over 13,500 professional employees like Immaculate, who are working for a healthier Ontario.

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