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Giving you a voice at the table

Ontarians are proud of the public services that make a direct difference in our lives every day.

You take care of Ontario through your work, but in order for you to do your best, it is important that you have fair working conditions, an employer who respects your expertise, job security, and a meaningful voice in your workplace environment.

Stability During Uncertain Times 

As public service employees, you are often impacted by external decision-makers. Political leaders use coded language like ‘efficiency’ and ‘restraint’ instead of ‘austerity’. Wage freezes, an increase in temporary contracts and not filling positions may help give the illusion of a balanced budget, but adding to already overwhelming workloads does not create a good working environment. As a non-union employee, you are affected by unilateral and arbitrary decisions. In an increasingly unpredictable environment, employees’ ability to negotiate and codify terms and conditions of employment in a secure collective agreement is the best way to protect working conditions and require employers to listen to concerns.

A Legally Binding Guarantee 

A collective agreement is a legally binding contract that ensures your employer consults with you by working collaboratively to seek solutions on matters that affect the terms and conditions of your employment. A collective agreement protects wages, working conditions, job security and more. Importantly, a collective agreement means that your workplace is governed with transparency and fairness.

You Have a Choice 

Uniting with your colleagues to form a union means security in your future, a meaningful voice in workplace issues, respect from your employer, and fairness at work. You have the opportunity to take charge and positively impact your work life and your career. You deserve to have a voice in 
your future.

How AMAPCEO Can Help 

AMAPCEO is a member-driven organization of professional employees, dedicated to providing outstanding services to members. AMAPCEO members are supported by a team of highly-skilled labour relations specialists, legal counsel and a team of elected volunteer member representatives. AMAPCEO’s aim as an organization is to defend members’ rights, protect Ontario’s public services, and advocate for better working conditions. AMAPCEO works hard to ensure fairness at work. Together, we can protect your future.

Questions about joining AMAPCEO Building a modern Labour Movement Know your rightsMore than a Collective Agreement Home 

“AMAPCEO consists of people who will stand up for my colleagues and me. The service offered by Human Resources at my workplace, on the other hand, is limited to non-existent. When I went to Human Resources and inquired about my terms of employment as a young, contract employee, I was sent a few quick, rough-looking tip sheets that were hard to understand or didn’t answer my questions. I felt that I was being treated like a second-class employee.” 

Sarah Hoy, Ministry of Community and Social Services, Ontario Public Service, 3 years