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More than a Collective Agreement

Advocating for you and your family

AMAPCEO is dedicated to advocating for fair working conditions and benefits that make life better for you and your family.

We promote equity in the workplace and beyond. In doing so we engage with the wider community to support important issues, from equal pay to anti-harassment and anti-discrimination and more. As a union, we are open and inclusive—we invite you and your family, friends and allies to get involved in the causes that matter to us all.

Education and training

We offer skills-based workshops, training, and conferences to our volunteers on a range of topics, including Workplace Representative training, bargaining, equity in the workplace, union rights, volunteer recruitment,
and more.

By participating in our education programs and workshops, you can develop a stronger voice in your workplace and advocate for fairness in a variety
of areas.

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 “AMAPCEO is like life insurance; I don’t want to cash it in, but when I need it I am glad I have it. I’m happy that AMAPCEO has experienced staff who are on my team. I could never afford the expertise and resources provided by AMAPCEO’s staff by myself.”
-Mark Haslam, Ontario Arts Council, 4 years