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Fixed-Term, Contract, and Temporary Workers' Caucus Membership Form

You are invited to join this caucus if you are an AMAPCEO member who is on a temporary contract, e.g., fixed-term, contractually-limited, non-permanent, in any of AMAPCEO's bargaining units. Please complete the following application form so you can be added to the membership list of this caucus. Your personal e-mail address will be shared with the caucus chair and vice-chair. Please note that the caucuses communicate using personal, not work, e-mail addresses.


In submitting this form, I acknowledge that I am on a fixed-term or temporary contract and I agree to participate in this caucus and to observe the AMAPCEO Equity Statement. I also agree that my personal e-mail address can be shared with the caucus chair and vice-chairĀ and that it can be used for purposes of communication of caucus business among caucus members.

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