Call for Nominations - OPS Negotiations Team

Publish date: Wednesday, April 12, 2017 update

The AMAPCEO Board of Directors encourages self-nominations from members in the Ontario Public Service to serve on the Negotiations Team to bargain the next Collective Agreement.  

This is a great opportunity to serve your fellow members and influence the working conditions of professionals in the OPS!

Nomination Deadline: Self-nomination forms must be submitted on-line no later than 12:00 noon (ET) on Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017.


The current OPS Collective Agreement is scheduled to expire on March 31st, 2018. A Board Working Group consisting of elected officials and AMAPCEO staff has been actively preparing for bargaining and the Board has approved the Working Group’s proposed bargaining structure and process.  As part of this process, members were asked last month to participate in a pre-bargaining membership survey, the response to which has been very encouraging.

Bargaining Structure

Building on the structure that was in place during the last round of bargaining in 2014, the Board has approved the following model for the next bargaining cycle:

  • A Negotiations Team consisting of seven members, including a chair;
  • The seven team members will be selected by the Board of Directors from a pool consisting of 12 candidates, one candidate to be elected from each of the 12 AMAPCEO Districts;
  • The five candidates not selected to serve on the Negotiations Team will be appointed as alternates, to undergo the same training as members of the team and to fill any vacancies that may occur during bargaining;
  • The Board will select the chair from among the seven team members;
  • An interview process will be conducted by a 7-member panel consisting of the five members of the AMAPCEO Executive (President Dave Bulmer, Vice-President Cynthia Watt, Secretary Glynn Robinson, Treasurer Chris Harper and Board Chair Peter Dewar) plus two Directors elected by the Board: former bargaining team members Victoria Boyd and Jane Colonna;
  • Board members are not eligible to serve on the Negotiations Team other than the President, who is an ex officio member of all bargaining teams, as specified in AMAPCEO’s by-laws.

Selection Process

  • Nominations for the 12 candidate positions (one for each of the 12 Districts) open on April 12th, closing at noon on Tuesday, May 2nd.  
  • Self-nomination forms must be submitted on line, along with a candidate statement. 
  • The nomination form must include the candidate statement, which is limited to one side of a letter-size (8.5” x 11”) page – please see further instructions on the nomination form.  
  • The candidate statement should include your job title and ministry; a sentence or two describing what you do in the OPS; a summary of your relevant skills; a summary of your AMAPCEO (and/or other relevant) experience; and a statement of why you want to be involved in bargaining and what you think you would contribute to the team.  
  • If there is more than one nominee in a District, an election will be held among the OPS members of the District, the election to be held by on-line voting between Friday, May 5th and Friday, May 12th.  Each nominee’s candidate statement will be distributed with the ballot and posted on the AMAPCEO website.  Additional campaign rules appear further below.
  • The nomination and election process will be supervised by AMAPCEO staff under the authority of the Board of Directors.  On-line voting will be conducted by our independent, third party vendor, Simply Voting, Inc. 
  • Interviews of the 12 candidates who are elected will be scheduled for late May, with the interview panel to make recommendations to the June Board meeting, at which time the 7-person Negotiations Team is expected to be ratified. 

Summary of Role

Although a more detailed position description will be available for candidates prior to the interviews, the following is a summary of the major duties and responsibilities of a member of the Negotiations Team:

  • To work with other team members, staff and assigned legal counsel to negotiate the best collective agreement possible for the OPS membership that honours the bargaining mandate and approved list of bargaining priorities set by the Annual Delegates’ Conference (or ADC).
  • Following a review process, to make recommendations to the Executive and Board on a list of general or broad bargaining priorities to be presented to the ADC.
  • To assist with the rating and ranking of bargaining priorities and proposals to be tabled with the Employer in bargaining and in setting an overall bargaining strategy.
  • To attend assigned face-to-face negotiating sessions with the Employer, to analyse the Employer’s approach, positions and proposals and to act as a sounding board to gauge membership reaction to Employer proposals.
  • To support and, as requested, to participate in AMAPCEO’s membership engagement campaign and ratification communication campaign.

Time Commitment

Members of the Negotiations Team are entitled to paid leave according to provisions in the Collective Agreement – they continue to collect their OPS salary and benefits, with no loss of vacation or other credits, while on leave to prepare for or engage in bargaining.  Specifically:

  • Team members should be willing to be on leave from the workplace, either continuously or intermittently, for an indeterminate period of time, to work in Toronto, starting around the first week in October 2017 continuing through to the settlement of a renewed Collective Agreement.
  • The bargaining schedule has not yet been discussed with the Employer, so the actual start of negotiations is not known.  At the very least, team members will be required to be on short-term leave from the workplace in the Fall of 2017 for training and to identify bargaining priorities.  They may then be expected to return to the workplace until required for full-time bargaining, if negotiations start at a later date.  
  • The team members must be willing and available to work extended and/or non-traditional hours throughout the bargaining period, sometimes with very little notice.

Campaign Rules

As indicated above, AMAPCEO will undertake to post each candidate’s statement on the website and, in the event that an election is required, will ensure that a link to the statement is included with the online ballot that is sent to each voter.  The following rules, however, apply to any additional campaigning that a candidate may wish to engage in at any time in the nomination and election period (April 12 - May 12).  

  • Contact information for voters in each zone will not be provided to candidates.  
  • Use of Employer or AMAPCEO resources, technology or equipment for campaigning (e.g., e-mail, telephone or IT resources) is not permitted by candidates or their representatives.  Violations of this rule may lead to disqualification.  For clarity, candidates or their supporters may not send campaign messages from their work e-mail accounts or send campaign messages from their personal e-mail accounts to voters at their work e-mail addresses.  
  • Use of social media for campaigning (Twitter, Facebook, personal websites, blogs, etc.) is only permitted using real names (not handles or pseudonyms).  
  • Candidates and their supporters are expected to comply with the Activist Code of Conduct and the AMAPCEO Equity Statement.  
  • Candidates are encouraged to limit any workplace campaign activities to specified breaks during the day.
  • Candidates may not contact members using home contact information to which they may have access by virtue of their current AMAPCEO volunteer roles.

Eligibility and Qualifications

Candidates for the Negotiations Team must be:

  • Members in good standing with a home position in the OPS unit who will not be seconded or acting outside their home position during the pre-bargaining and negotiations periods;
  • Willing to sign a confidentiality agreement, a formal secondment agreement and a Negotiations Team solidarity pact;
  • Willing to adhere to AMAPCEO’s Equity Statement, the Activist Code of Conduct and the Expense Reimbursement Policy in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities;
  • Willing to act in the best interests of AMAPCEO OPS members and for the Association as a whole, notwithstanding that they are elected from a specific District and that they work in a particular ministry and in a specific job function or classification;
  • Committed to the value of a union in the workplace and respect AMAPCEO’s internal decision-making structures, processes and protocols related to collective bargaining.

Candidates should also possess some or all of the following skills and qualifications for this role:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the AMAPCEO OPS Collective Agreement, OPS human resource policies and basic labour relations principles; 
  • Knowledge and experience in working as part of a collegial team;
  • Knowledge or experience with basic government budget/financial principles;
  • Knowledge or experience with basic social justice/human rights principles and obligations;
  • Skills in research and analysis; conflict resolution; member advocacy; verbal and written communications; public speaking;
  • Experience as an AMAPCEO volunteer or representative, as a steward in another union or other negotiating/collective bargaining experience. 

More information?

  • For more information on the nomination, election and Team selection process, please contact Jennifer Sherwood, Team Lead, Member Engagement, at or by phone at Ext 2132 (416-595-9000 or 1-888-262-7236).
  • For more information on the role and responsibilities of a member of the Team, please contact Burke Moffat, Team Lead, Labour Relations and Bargaining, at or by phone at Ext 2710 (416-595-9000 or 1-888-262-7236).

More about AMAPCEO and our Members: Established in 1992, AMAPCEO is a bargaining agent that represents 13,250 professional and supervisory public servants, most of whom work directly for the Government of Ontario in every ministry and in a number of agencies, boards and commissions; in 130 communities throughout Ontario and in eleven cities outside Canada. We also represent employees outside the Ontario Public Service in: the Office of the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth; Waypoint Mental Health Centre in Penetanguishene; Public Health Ontario; Health Quality Ontario; the Ontario Arts Council and the Office of the French Language Services Commissioner.

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