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Call for Resolutions

It's time to submit your resolutions!

Most policy resolutions originate as a recommendation from the Board of Directors or one of its Committees, but it is also possible for District Executives and individuals to propose resolutions for consideration.  These resolutions should focus on matters of policy and be relevant to the needs and interests of the union and the membership. We remind everyone that ideas can be brought to the Board any time during the year through your District Director.

If you have a suggestion that you would like considered, please get in touch with your District Director or a Delegate from your District to ask them to submit your idea in the form of a resolution for this year!

Typically, policy resolutions are handled at the ADC, but this year's will be virtual and only compulsory business with be addressed. As resolutions will not be heard at the ADC, AMAPCEO's Board of Directors has unanimously decided to dedicate a special meeting, ahead of the ADC, to considering resolutions. The Board has also removed the prohibition on resubmitting defeated motions to the next year’s ADC in 2021. The Board and the Resolutions Committee continue to work on process and presentation details for the special meeting.


Constitutional amendments are treated differently than resolutions. With the Constitution deliberately reviewed every 5 years (next in 2022), amendments are rare. Though Districts and individuals are able to do so, most amendments proposed in non-review years are presented by the Board of Directors to preserve the greater review process. Amendments are not reviewed or commented on by the Resolutions Committee. When amendments derive from elsewhere, the Board of Directors can provide written comments in response to constitutional amendments in their report to the ADC.  

This year, there are some changes to the formatting of resolutions to be submitted for consideration. The Resolutions Committee has developed a presentation on resolutions and the process for submitting them, including the new format. The Committee has been meeting with District Executives throughout June and we encourage Delegates to be sure to attend these presentations.

Review this helpful online presentation on how to write a resolution here.

Where to submit resolutions

Resolutions and constitutional amendments should be submitted through the website at

Submit your resolution
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Still have questions?

Feel free to contact the Resolutions Committee staff support, Chris Sloan at

Submission Deadline

The deadline for submitting resolutions for consideration is Monday, August 17, 2020 at noon ET, by which time the full text of the motions must be received by the AMAPCEO office.

You do not need to wait until the deadline to submit. Submissions can be provided any time before the deadline. It is highly recommended to compose and submit your resolution well prior to the deadline as no late submissions will be accepted. 

Status of 2019 Resolutions