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Suzanne Conquer

District Director, Western Ontario; Vice Chair of the Board

Volunteer Positions:
Workplace Rep, ERC/AMERC: Member, Board

Bargaining Unit: OPS

District: Western Ontario - Guelph

Ministry: Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Work Address: 1 Stone Road West
City: Guelph
Email: Email This Rep


With a background in law, political science, women’s studies, and adult education, Suzanne worked as a paralegal and corporate trainer until she joined the Ministry of Environment in the Ontario Public Service (OPS) in 2006. After witnessing mass layoffs in her previous workplace, she worked closely with colleagues who were AMAPCEO activists and found herself filling a variety of roles. Since then, she has worked in various ministries before ending up at the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) in Guelph, where she works now.

Suzanne has found value in all her volunteer positions at AMAPCEO, but she highlights her experience as a Delegate, which helped her recognize the breadth and depth of the work that a union does. She speaks fondly of her role as a Workplace Representative and eventually a mentor in the program: “Everyone’s story is different, and it means a lot that I’m able to help where I can.”

As a member of the Education Committee, she also helped develop Learning for the Future: AMAPCEO’s Five-Year Education Plan, which recognized the important link between accessible education and building member engagement.

In her role as a Director, it should come as no surprise  deepening member engagement is one of Suzanne’s top priorities for her District, aiming to help her colleagues feel as welcomed to the union as her mentors did when she was new.

Outside of the office, Suzanne loves to travel and keep active as a marathon runner and cyclist. She is also a proud mom of two great sons, one dog, and three cats.

Suzanne Conquer
District Director, Western Ontario; Vice Chair of the Board