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AMAPCEO welcomes vaccination and testing policy for Ontario’s public service professionals

Publish date: Thursday, August 19, 2021 update

Queen's Park

AMAPCEO, the union representing more than 14,000 professionals in the Ontario Public Service (OPS), welcomed the OPS Employer’s announcement that they will be implementing a policy requiring all employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Those who are not fully vaccinated will be required to undergo regular testing for COVID-19 when attending the workplace.

“I’m pleased to see the OPS Employer doing the right thing to help keep Ontario’s professional employees safe at work,” AMAPCEO President Dave Bulmer said.

Today’s announcement follows the union’s advocacy to implement regular, mandatory testing of unvaccinated employees to help keep the virus out of Ontario’s public service workplaces.

“Many AMAPCEO members work in public health and science,” Bulmer said. “They know the efficacy of vaccines against this insidious virus. Testing those who are not vaccinated, combined with other health and safety measures, including encouraging vaccination, is a practical action we can take to help keep COVID-19 at bay.”

Details of the policy are forthcoming, but the union will be reviewing the policy and procedures carefully to ensure they protect members’ health, safety, and privacy. AMAPCEO leadership has also reached out to the government and the OPS Employer to offer the union’s assistance in shaping the policy.

“We want to make sure the Employer gets this right,” Bulmer said. “We’re looking forward to continuing our work with them and doing all we can to keep everyone safe and healthy.”

More about AMAPCEO and our Members: Established in 1992, AMAPCEO is a bargaining agent that represents 14,000 professional and supervisory public servants, most of whom work directly for the Government of Ontario in every ministry and in a number of agencies, boards and commissions; in 130 communities throughout Ontario and in 12 cities outside Canada. We also represent employees outside the Ontario Public Service in: the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario; the Ontario Arts Council; Ontario Health (Quality Unit); Public Health Ontario; the Waypoint Mental Health Centre in Penetanguishene; and in the former Offices of the Ontario Child Advocate and the French Language Services Commissioner (now part of the Ontario Ombudsman).