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Adam Socha, Science Coordinator, Laboratory Services

You take a deep breath or turn on your faucet without a second thought.

That's because Adam, Science Coordinator, Laboratory Services, with Ontario’s Ministry of Environment and Climate Change is working to keep our environment safe and clean for generations to come. 

Whether it's the air we breathe, the soil our food grows in, or the water we drink, Adam helps measure the impact pollution has on our environment.

Adam ensures our province’s laboratories are running efficiently and are tracking and fighting pollution head on. You feel the impact of Adam's 30 years as a public service professional with every breath you take.

AMAPCEO represents over 13,250 professional employees like Adam, who are working hard to protect Ontario for all of us and generations to come.

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Ontario's Professional Employees at work

Alison | I make workplaces fair.   Darlene. - I make sure you get home safe.
Ed - I make sure help arrives when you need it.   Harold | I protect vulnerable Ontarians.
Immaculate - I bring you the latest in healthcare innovation.   Jennifer - I plan so student succeed.
Rawle - I provide support for marginalized youth.   Sarah - I plan so everyone can participate.

   Tom - I keep your private data private.

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