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AMAPCEO Bursary Program

The new AMAPCEO Bursary Program has been established by the AMAPCEO Board of Directors to provide some financial support to AMAPCEO members' dependents with their post-secondary education or apprenticeship, and to support access to Canadian publicly funded education and training.

How it Works

Every year there will be 11 bursaries of $1000 each awarded by random draw to qualifying applicants. One bursary is awarded in each District.

Who Can Apply?

This bursary is open to AMAPCEO members' dependents/wards that meet the eligibility criteria. A member must be a signed-up member (i.e., member in "good standing") with a current Home position in AMAPCEO to apply on behalf of their dependent(s).

How to Apply

Please complete an online entry form on behalf of your dependent(s). The entry form requires the following information to be submitted with your application:

  • confirmation of the dependent’s age;
  • proof of enrolment in an eligible post-secondary educational institution or registration as an apprentice in Ontario and current employer/sponsor, and
  • affirmation that you are a member of AMAPCEO "in good standing".


Application deadline: Thursday, October 6, 2022 at noon (ET).

Should you have further questions about the bursary program, please send an email to


AMAPCEO Bursary Program application form 


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the AMAPCEO Bursary Program only open to “dependents” of members, and not open to members themselves? 

The Board of Directors’ Bursary Program Working Group reviewed this question on two separate occasions: first, during the development of the policy and eligibility criteria last fall; and second, in April 2022 following a review by the Chief Operating Officer after the program’s inaugural year.  The Board has reaffirmed its original decision that the program eligibility will not be expanded to include AMAPCEO members in good standing.

Who is eligible for the AMAPCEO Bursary?

The bursary is available to a dependent, that is, a child or ward of an AMAPCEO member in good standing, who is under the age of 25 years and enrolled in a public post-secondary institution or is a sponsored apprentice.

Why do I have to apply on behalf of my dependent? Why can’t my dependent apply directly?

The application has been created through the Member portal of the AMAPCEO website. This allows us to verify if you are a member in good standing.

Should your dependent win the bursary, your consent is required for publishing your name and your dependent’s name in our newsletter and on the AMAPCEO website.

Can I apply for my dependent if I am on secondment in an AMAPCEO represented position but my home position is not in AMAPCEO?

No, you are not eligible to apply.  To be eligible, you must be a “member in good standing” which does not include an associate member (which is a dues paying member with a home position in another bargaining unit).

Can I apply for my dependent who is applying to a college or university in the United States or any other international college or university?

No, the bursary program is open only for students attending Canadian, publicly-funded post secondary institutions.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can apply?

You may submit only one application per eligible dependent.

What is an acceptable document to prove that my dependent is enrolled in post-secondary education?

Student - Provide any one of the following proofs of current enrolment: 

  1. Letter from the Registrar of the post-secondary educational institution confirming enrolment – signed or certified by the office of the Registrar of department head confirming enrolment.
  2. Email from the Registrar of the post-secondary educational institution confirming enrolment. Additional requirements include contact information provided that is related to the confirmation email and the delivering email address must be from the school’s web domain (e.g., 
  3. Invoices or receipt of payment from the Registrar’s office. 
  4. Printout of online confirmation of registration status – must contain the school’s website address identifying the source of the website.
  5. Timetables of course schedules for upcoming year - includes name of student, program type, term, and school name or logo or website address.

What is NOT an acceptable document to prove that my dependent is enrolled in a post-secondary education? Why?

  • Letters of acceptance / offers of admission
    - These letters are only offers, and do not clearly demonstrate or prove that the student has accepted and is enrolled in school. 
  • Student cards
    - Cards do not indicate the current year of enrolment.  
  • Past years’ proof of enrolment
    - Must have documents that clearly indicate the student is enrolled in the current academic year.

What is a good document to prove that my dependent is a sponsored apprentice?

Apprentices should provide a copy of their Training Agreement that is signed by both the employer and the apprentice. If they don’t have a copy, they can obtain a copy of their signed agreement through their local apprenticeship office.

If I apply in June, but in September my dependent has changed their mind about pursuing an apprenticeship or continuing with post-secondary studies, can they remain eligible for the bursary?

We understand changes may occur. To remain eligible, you may email updated documentation, using the criteria above on acceptable documents for Students or Apprentices, to show the new sponsor or new school to  On the subject line of the email, please indicate “Updated Documents and Your Name”.  In the email message please include your name and district and explain that you have new document(s) to support the application.  We will send you an acknowledgement to confirm receipt of your update or an email if we need any further clarification.

Does applying for the bursary earlier than the deadline help me?

There is no advantage to submitting early.  

If my dependent wins the bursary, how will they know and what will they need to do?

The member will be asked by an AMAPCEO staff member to confirm that the winner is still a full-time student in an eligible institution or a full-time apprentice. 
During the application process, the member agreed to AMAPCEO publishing their names and district name and the name of their dependent if they won.  They will need to reiterate their agreement to have their names announced.
After the cheque has been issued, each winner will receive a T5 slip early the next year for income tax reporting.

I have another question about the bursary application process that isn't addressed here.

You are welcome to ask us directly at We may even include your question on this page in the future!

Eligibility Criteria:

Each applicant must be:

  • A dependent, who is under the age of 25, of an AMAPCEO member “in good standing”, including those under the guardianship of a member in good standing;
  • A student currently enrolled full-time in any publicly assisted post-secondary educational institution anywhere in Canada, including publicly funded colleges and universities, OR
  • A full-time apprentice in Ontario who is currently sponsored by an employer and registered with the Ontario College of Trades.

A person can apply for the bursary every year they are eligible, but they can only win once.

Eligible educational programs and institutions include the following:

  • A post-secondary program including Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Post-Diploma, Undergraduate Degree, Master’s Degree, Post Doctoral Degree, etc.; or
  • Registration with the College of Trades in Ontario (currently in transition to Ministry of Colleges and Universities) and employed in their respective field as an apprentice.

Please note: a student enrolled in a private career college is not eligible to apply for or receive the bursary.  

AMAPCEO Bursary Program Policy