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Building on a Strong Foundation: Strategic Plan 2021–2025

Values Statement

As Ontario’s Professional Employees, we commit to representing and supporting our members by:

  • maintaining the highest degree of professionalism and integrity;
  • demonstrating our commitment to democracy, fairness, diversity, equity, honesty, openness, and continuous improvement;
  • acting in a respectful manner with a social conscience;
  • working as an inclusive and dedicated team to achieve our common goals and strategic priorities; and
  • inspiring and influencing problem-solving, collaboration, and innovation in defence of public service and advancing workers’ rights.

Cornerstones, Pillars, & Priorities

Strategic Plan

Building on a Strong Foundation: 2021-2025 Strategic Plan is based on a foundation of four “cornerstone” functions key to our union’s success:

  1. Labour Relations
  2. Member Engagement
  3. Outreach
  4. Governance & Operations

Each cornerstone is supported by related “pillars” that are fundamental to the overall function (cornerstone).

Each pillar, in turn, consists of strategic “priorities” or actions that enable achievement of the pillar.

Cornerstone #1: Labour Relations


To continually improve upon our members’ terms and conditions of employment; to provide the best possible defence of our members and their contracts; to advocate for workplace enhancements between bargaining sessions; and to protect the health, safety, and wellness of all members.


  • Bargaining Pillar
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Employee Relations
  • Health, Safety & Wellness

Cornerstone #2: Member Engagement


To engage our members by demonstrating the value and relevance of our union; to educate members to make us stronger; to recruit and train our activists to build our capacity; to strategically mobilize our increasingly engaged member and activist bases in support of bargaining; and to grow our numbers through the organizing of new professional workplaces.


  • Engagement
  • Education
  • Mobilization
  • Organizing

Cornerstone #3: Outreach


To build trust with our members in how we inform and represent them; to build strategic relationships with allies; to professionally advocate with decision-makers; and to develop, design and carry out campaigns in support of our causes and in defense of our contracts.


  • Member Communications
  • Allies
  • Advocacy

Cornerstone #4: Governance and Operations


To create linkages and synergies between the Board and staff; to enhance good governance practices and operational efficiency; to ensure sound budgeting, planning, and risk management; to oversee centralized governance and activist events; and to promote an inclusive and equitable organization.


  • Governance
  • Operations
  • Organization