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Overview of Volunteer Roles

There are three different types of volunteer roles at AMAPCEO — summaries are shown here, but you can find out more on each of these areas by following the colour codes below.

Collective Agreement Volunteer Roles

These roles are workplace-focused, working with AMAPCEO members to make sure their rights are protected and ensuring a safe, healthy and fair workplace environment for all.

Governance Volunteer Roles

With these roles, you'll be involved directly in the operations and direction of AMAPCEO, representing members in key decision-making.

Membership Engagement Volunteer Roles

These roles are about keeping your colleagues informed and engaged on AMAPCEO issues, particularly during critical periods such as bargaining.

Now Explore the Details

Each of the areas above is explored in more detail below. And in some cases, look for links to application forms.

Collective Agreement Roles

Workplace Representatives

Also known as “stewards” in other unions, a Workplace Representative acts as a front-line contact for members seeking information and advice about terms and conditions of their employment, implementation of the Collective Agreement, the process for dealing with workplace issues or problems, and/or general information about AMAPCEO. Representatives work closely with AMAPCEO staff and often directly with the Workplace Advisors and Dispute Resolution Officers.

Also, as a Workplace Representative, you can sit on your AMAPCEO Employee Relations Committee (AMERC) or for BPS units an Employee Relations Committee (see below). In order to be a Workplace Representative you must be a signed-up member from any of the eight bargaining units that AMAPCEO represents.

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Health and Safety Representatives

These Representatives carry out the legislated role of ensuring their workplaces are safe working environments. They sit on joint Health and Safety Committees (Employer/AMAPCEO and other Union Representation) and advise the Health, Safety and Wellness Committee on corporate occupational health and safety policies.

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AMERC/ERC Representatives

AMERC stands for AMAPCEO Ministry Employee Relations Committee. In the OPS Bargaining Unit, each such ministry committee has representatives nominated by AMAPCEO and the ministry employer. An ERC, or Employee Relations Committee, is also appointed jointly by the parties in our Broader Public Sector (BPS) units. To be appointed as an AMERC / ERC Representative you need to be a Workplace Representative.

Governance Roles

Board of Directors

Under our Constitution, the affairs of the Association are managed by a Board of Directors. Elections for the Board of Directors occur every year at the Annual Delegates' Conference.


Delegates are elected at a ratio of 1 per 50 signed-up members from and by the Chapter membership. Delegates represent their Chapters at the Annual Delegates' Conference, helping shape the future of AMAPCEO.


Committee positions are done by either the Board, Provincial Council, or ADC. Calls for application for open committee positions are sent to the membership when vacancies arise. Interested applicants are always encouraged to apply.

Membership Engagement Roles

Bulletin Board/Materials Coordinator

This role is ideal for a person who likes to be kept in the loop about union news and pass this information along to their colleagues.

The role includes receiving the Bulletin Board mail-out from the AMAPCEO office; posting the materials on the Bulletin Board; distributing additional materials sent out (flyers/posters/etc.) and contacting the office to request additional copies of posters/material.

This role is great for someone who likes to be involved but wants to play a behind the scenes role; someone who likes craft/design/media and print; someone who wants to be involved in the union but has less time to do so.

Member Services Coordinator

This role is ideal for a person who is interested in doing member to member outreach and engagement. This is a new role that has emerged out of the previous ‘Information Coordinator’ role and is designed to support the activities recruitment, retention and engagement of new and existing members to the union.

The role includes working with local leaders (Chapter Chairs, Workplace Representatives, etc.) to do outreach to new members; engaging new members in discussions about the union and ensuring that they have signed a membership form, and are in contact with AMAPCEO and recruiting new members into volunteer roles, or assisting involved members in finding new and exciting roles to take on

This role is great for someone who is out-going and comfortable speaking with colleagues; someone who is knowledgeable about the union, or would like to become more knowledgeable about the union; someone involved in their Chapter, or who would like to get more involved in their Chapter.

Community and Social Coordinator

Working with the Chapter Executive, this role is ideal for a member who is already engaged in external campaigns (for example, local United Way campaigns or Food Drives), or the coordination of social activities for their workplace.

The role could involve publicizing community and social events in the workplace; encouraging and supporting members to participate in AMAPCEO-sponsored events such as ice-cream days,’ lunch and learns’, special chapter events etc.

This role is great for someone who is already engaged in external campaigns or the social coordination of their workplace; someone who would like to connect to the union but not in formal political roles; someone who is knowledgeable about the union, or would like to become more knowledgeable about the union.

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