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Your Rights in AMAPCEO

In addition to rights that guarantee fairness and equity in the workplace, every signed member has rights within AMAPCEO.

You have a right to be informed and kept up to date about how AMAPCEO is representing you. 

Information is relayed to members through weekly electronic bulletins. Throughout the year AMAPCEO organizes face-to-face meetings with your District Executive to hear directly from you. During bargaining, to keep members up to date, we also hold regular telephone townhall meetings to increase your access.

Participation is also a right—exercise your vote in our democratic elections. 

Every signed member can vote to determine who will represent you at a District level. Elections for District Chair and Delegate positions are all done electronically and administered through a third-party provider.

To ensure that AMAPCEO keeps you informed, we need your help!

The only way that AMAPCEO can keep you informed is if you provide up-to-date personal contact information. Be sure to keep us in the loop about any changes by using our easy online form, located in the Profile box on your member homepage.

What Membership Means

If you're in an AMAPCEO position, your union will represent you no matter what.

While membership dues are deducted by your employer from your pay, you are not automatically a signed member of AMAPCEO.

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