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Equity and Diversity in AMAPCEO

Through action, we aim to build an equitable AMAPCEO that is reflective of our diverse membership. AMAPCEO's Equity Committee, seven Caucus groups, the affirmation of our Equity Statement at membership meetings and events as well as our participation in a number of equity and diversity-related initiatives are just some of the ways we make good on our commitment to foster an inclusive, barrier-free society. 

AMAPCEO's Equity Statement includes a commitment to:

  • Eliminating discriminatory and exclusive behaviour, policies or practices that prevent or undermine the full and equitable participation of all who wish to join and pursue the mission of the organization.
  • Taking proactive steps to ensure that full and equitable participation is possible and working to create an environment where Association members are respected for their abilities and potential.
  • Building a culture in which equity, diversity, tolerance and safety are fundamental.

Read the AMAPCEO Equity Statement and eight guiding principles.

Equity Committee

The Equity Committee is an advisory body to the Board of Directors consisting of one representative from each of AMAPCEO's seven Equity Caucuses.

This committee develops proposed policies, offers advice and makes other recommendations for the consideration of the Board of Directors on a variety of equity and diversity issues. In particular, the committee works on developing initiatives to ensure that AMAPCEO continues to be a member-driven and accessible organization that is committed to an inclusive and barrier-free culture.

Please read the 2020 Board Mandate Letter for the Equity Committee

Work of the Committee has involved:

  • In 2012 surveyed the membership to better understand the diversity of our membership and to identify areas for improving access to participation in the Association;
  • Co-ordinated AMAPCEO participation in Toronto Pride Parade, International Women’s Day March, Labour Day, and more;
  • Designed workplace materials and documents to create awareness of equity issues;
  • Developed an AMAPCEO Diversity Vision Statement, Principles of Inclusion and an Equity Statement;
  • Established eight equity caucuses for self-identified groups within the membership to have a space to talk about common issues of concern and provide alternative routes into activist roles for under-represented equity groups;
  • Initiated the development of a potential Equity Lens for use within AMAPCEO.

Members of the Equity Committee

  • Committee Chair: Cynthia Watt (AMAPCEO Vice-President)
  • Board Liason: Frank Tang (Board Director – Jarvis)
  • Chair, Asian, Arab and Latinx Caucus: Allen Hou
  • Chair, Black Caucus: Elaine Brown Spencer
  • Chair, Disability Caucus: Sarah Jeffery-Hampton  
  • Chair, Francophone Caucus: Vincent Lavigne 
  • Chair, Indigenous Circle: Tim Sim
  • Chair, LGBTQ+ Caucus: Patrick Roncal
  • Chair, Women’s Caucus: Rachel Kukulewich  

Equity Caucuses

The equity caucus model is designed to create a space for demographically and culturally similar AMAPCEO members to build community, support other members, and provide alternative routes into activist roles for under-represented equity groups. 

Please view the 2017 mission/vision statements developed by each of the eight equity caucuses.

The caucus model is ideal for cultivating recognition, support and understanding for diverse constituency groups with the ultimate result of AMAPCEO becoming a more diverse organization. The Board of Directors is committed to advancing equity and inclusive representation in our governance structures and throughout all aspects of our union. 

Interested in joining one or more of the equity caucuses? Please fill out an application form below!

Caucus Chairs

Other Caucuses

AMAPCEO also has caucuses designed to promote awareness, inclusion, and participation of retirees, and young workers within our union.

Interested in joining one of the other caucuses? Please fill out an application form below!