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AMAPCEO Activist Awards


Any AMAPCEO member in good standing may nominate an activist or group that has demonstrated outstanding service in their individual or team role. Assessment and selection will be carried out by the members of the Activist Recognition Committee. Recipient(s) will be announced, and awards presented at this year’s Annual Delegates’ Conference.

Do you have a question about a nomination you would like to submit?  Do you need advice on how to create an excellent award submission?  

Nominations for Activist Awards for 2022 are now closed.

Nominations are divided into three categories:

Nomination packages require at least one testimonial letter.

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Member Services Awards

Member Services awards fall under the following three categories:

Builder Award

The Builder Award is presented to an AMAPCEO member or group of AMAPCEO members who:

  • creates and sustains the interest and involvement of AMAPCEO members in union activity;
  • personifies AMAPCEO values in all interactions with members and colleagues;
  • demonstrates vision, perseverance, and accountability; and
  • acts as a role model and inspiration to others through their work for AMAPCEO.

Builder Award Nomination Form 

Innovator Award

The Innovator Award is presented to an AMAPCEO member or group of AMAPCEO members who:

  • demonstrates outstanding creativity and entrepreneurial initiative and innovation;
  • delivers results for AMAPCEO;
  • demonstrates vision, perseverance, and accountability; and
  • is collaborative and supportive to build interest and enthusiasm in others.

Innovator Award Nomination Form 

Outstanding Member Services Award

The Outstanding Member Services Award is presented to an AMAPCEO member or group of AMAPCEO members who:

  • goes above and beyond to provide outstanding services to fellow AMAPCEO members;
  • arrives at solutions that show a unique understanding of AMAPCEO values;
  • demonstrates vision, perseverance, and accountability; and
  • works exceptionally well with team members, colleagues, and partners.

Outstanding Member Services Award Nomination Form 

The Gary Gannage Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement

The Gary Gannage Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement is presented to an AMAPCEO member who has distinguished themselves through a lifetime of contributions and dedication to the advancement of the union. 

The award honours a member who has ten or more years of experience as an activist, has not previously received an AMAPCEO Lifetime Achievement Award, and meets one of the following criteria:

  • is at, or near, retirement; and/or
  • is leaving an AMAPCEO position; or
  • is to be recognized posthumously.

The Gary Gannage Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement Nomination Form 

Equity Advocate Award

The Equity Advocate Award is presented to an AMAPCEO member or group of AMAPCEO members who demonstrate(s) an outstanding commitment to advancing AMAPCEO’s Equity Statement through action.

The award honours an AMAPCEO activist or group of AMAPCEO activists who:

  • facilitates, leads, or coordinates equity and diversity activities or causes within or outside of the workplace; and
  • advocates for fairness, transparency, and accessibility; and
  • promotes any of the following:
    • racial equality,
    • disability justice,
    • women’s rights,
    • Indigenous rights,
    • LGBTQ+ equality, and/or
    • justice for other marginalized and/or historically disadvantaged groups.

Equity Advocate Award Nomination Form 

You should receive an electronic receipt of your completed nomination shortly after submitting the online form to the AMAPCEO office.  All information collected is for the sole use of the Activist Recognition Committee members and will not be shared or accessed beyond this process. 

Previous AMAPCEO Activist Award recipients

The AMAPCEO Activist Awards recognizes activists' contributions to their union in providing outstanding services to members.

Awards are divided into three categories:

  • Member Services Awards, which honours members who create fundamental change both within and beyond their current roles to build the AMAPCEO community. These activists engage their fellow members in new and innovative activities, exhibiting outstanding execution of their activist roles and make contributions that go over and above expectations.
  • Lifetime Achievement Awards, which are presented to AMAPCEO members who have distinguished themselves through a lifetime of contributions and dedication to the advancement of the union.
  • Equity Advocate Awards, which are awarded to members who demonstrate an outstanding commitment to furthering equity in our union.

Past Member Services Award Recipients

Member Services Awards

2022 - Suzanne Conquer
2022 - Damian Suffoletta
2022 - Kathleen Youmans
2020 - Arlene Robertson
2019 - Kathy DeGrace
2018 - Rebecca Mador
2016 - Immaculate Nevis
2015 - Celia Harte
2014 - Cesar Furtado
2014 - Zone Coordinators (Larysa Andrusiak, Ron Burwell, Jaymes Gamble, Sophie Georgas, Carin Glassford, Ani Hovanian, Prokash Mondal, Glynn Robinson, and Frank Tang)
2013 - Mike Brown
2011 - Graham Howe

Innovator Awards
2018 - Andy Stavickis
2017 - AMAPCEO Volunteer Fair Planning Group (Jacqueline Brooks, Angela Freeman, Cesar Furtado, Bronwyn Hannelas, Jennifer Harewood, Diana Jones, Laura King, Ted Kung, David Lockie, Dave Minns, Monica Resnik, Heather Schramm, Dan Shultz, Michelle Smile, Rob Terhune)
2016 - Alayne Langerak
2015 - Julie Green
2014 - Tom Kassanda

Outstanding Member Service Awards
2022 - Chet Ng
2022 - Nancy Saunders
2022 - Maureen Wraight
2020 - Jane Colonna
2020 - Lisa Levac
2019 - Sarah Jeffrey-Hampton
2017 - Maryanna Lewyckyj
2016 - Theresa Anderson-Butcher
2016 - Virginia Barnett
2016 - Ken Botari
2016 - Angela Freeman
2016 - Darlene Jackson
2016 - Valerie Russell
2015 - Earl Alexander
2015 - John Lipcsei
2014 - Ian Henderson
2014 - Toni Kostic
2014 - Mowat Block Building Coordinators (Dave Lockie, Seema Opal, Monica Resnick, and Cynthia Watt)
2014 - Tricia Willis
2013 - Sharyn Bir
2013 - Chris Harper
2013 - Margaret Kipp
2013 - Linda Santo
2013 - 5700 Yonge Street Mobilization Team (Samantha Earl, Sophie Georgas, Diana Jonas, Bill Ness-Jack, Elizabeth Sharp, and Carolyn Van Heerden)
2011 - Arlene Robertson
2011 - Stan Sosin

2012 Member Mobilization Awards
Ana Amadouny
Linda Ballantyne
Virginia Barnett
Lesley Benderavage
Sharyn Bir
Derek Braithwaite
Kelly-Anne Branco
Corrine Buchanan
Felicity Burr
John Carberry
Bryan Card
John Carter
Bruna Castrogiovanni
Colin Chambers
Melinda Charette
Joseph Chow
Dianne Colville
Jean Courtney
Maureen Crabtree
Shelley Crowell
Joanne Curran
Kenda Cutrona
Spencer Daniels
Alain Daoust
Donna Davenport
David Dell
Angelo Di Giacomo
Allison Dos Santos
Yolanda Drapiewski
Fraser Duff
Suzanne El-Makkawy
Sherry Flood
Kim Fogarty
Previn Francis
Christine Frechette
Michael Fy
Lynne Fynn
Jaymes Gambell
Sophie Georgas
William Gerrard
Beth Goodmurphy
Violetta Goralski
Margo Gould
Judy Grant
Brenda Gravelle
Ron Grisbrook
Rob Harper
Chris Harper
Celia Harte
Michael Helfinger
Matthew Hellin
Sarah Helmers
Graham Howe
Barry Hutchinson
Chioma Ijioma
Sarah Jeffery-Hampton
Diana Jonas
Catharine Karlo
Angela Kaye
Laura Keatings
Shelley Kemp
Marta Kennedy
Kathy Kenny
Veronica Kerr
Gord King
Anne-Marie Kooiman
Jane Koster
Mary Louise Kozak
Renee LeClair
Richard Lee
Pat Legris
Phil Lem
Lynn Leroux
James Leung
Maryanna Lewyckyj
Jenn Lillie-Paetz
John Lynch
Lena Lyons
Cheryl Mackay
Zaheer Mamujee
Mary McDoom
Peter McPherson
Elizabeth Medhurst
Nancy Miranda
Norm Mohamid
Arthur Mohipp
Hugh Montgomerie
Susan Moore
Cesar Moreno
Lindsey Morillo
Susanne Morrison-Lewars
Caroline Morris-Walker
Karen Moscrop
Derek Nardini
Cedric Nazareth
Bill Ness-Jack
Jan Nguyen
Chris Nieckarz
Denis Noel
Bonnie O'Brien
Sally Pardaens
Kathy Penfold
Bernie Peters
Linda Poirier
Paul Rademacher
Kim Ransom
Phil Roberts
Arlene Robertson
Glynn Robinson
Earl Rose
Nancy Russell
TJ Saroya
Deanna Scott
Ashleigh Segal
Mary-Lou Sitoski
Stan Sosin
Kate Sperry
Janice Steele
Patricia Stratton
Lavinia Strohm
Linda Sullivan
Pui-Ling Tam
Frank Tang
Rosie Thompson
Carolyn van Heerden
Agnes Walsh
Cynthia Watt
John Westlake
Cheryl Whittam
David Wilkins
Tricia Willis
Llyod Winfield
Audrey Wise
Linda Zon

Past Gary Gannage Award for Lifetime Achievement Recipients

Gary Gannage Award for Lifetime Achievement Recipients

2022 - Brian Byrnes
2021 - Theresa Anderson-Butcher
2021 - Domenic Fragale
2021 - Frank Tang
2020 - Larysa Andrusiak
2020 - Michael Helfinger
2020 - Alex McGill
2019 - David Lockie
2019 - Linda Poirier
2019 - Sophie Georgas
2018 - Sherry Flood
2018 - Harold Haynes
2017 - Victoria Boyd
2017 - Donna Davenport
2017 - Rawle Elliot
2017 - Paul Glassford
2017 - Renee Leclair
2017 - David Picard
2015 - Barbara Gough
2015 - Margaret Kipp
2014 - Nella Belcastro
2014 - Gary Gannage
2014 - Graham Howe
2013 - Dan Skwarok
2013 - Robert Stambula
2011 - Keith Baird
2011 - Bill McNamara
2011 - Barb Stead

Past Equity Advocate Award Recipients

Equity Advocate Award Recipients

2022 - Elizabeth Janz
2018 - Equity Lens Working Group (Ginelle Augustin-Lesmond, Alison Griggs, Ravi Harricharan, Vincent Lavigne, Frankie Little)