AMAPCEO Activist Awards

2018 Call for Nominations

The Activist Recognition Committee is pleased to announce the launch of our fifth annual awards program to recognize activists’ contributions to AMAPCEO in providing outstanding services to members.

The nomination period for the 2018 awards is now open. To have your 2018 nominations considered, please submit before Friday, October 12, 2018. 

Any AMAPCEO member in good standing may nominate an activist or group that has demonstrated outstanding service in their individual or team role. Judging will be carried out by the members of the Activist Recognition Committee. Recipient(s) will be announced and awards presented at this year’s Annual Delegates’ Conference.

Do you have questions about a nomination you would like to submit?  Do you need advice on how to create an excellent award submission?  

  • For content questions about your submission, contact one of the Activist Recognition Ambassadors – they’re ready to help!
  • If you have any technical questions about your submission, please email Allison Sparling, Labour Relations Officer, at

Nominations are divided into three categories:

Nomination packages require at least two additional testimonial letters (to a maximum of four).

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See previous AMAPCEO Activist Award recipients

Member Services Award

Member Services awards fall under the following three categories:

  1. Builder (long term, strategic, capacity building)
  2. Innovator (unique, engaging, momentum building)
  3. Outstanding Member Services (customer service, member support and assistance, service building)

Each award recognizes an existing activist or group that demonstrates one or more of the following accomplishments:

  • Creating and sustaining interest and involvement of members and other Activists across the membership;
  • Engaging the membership in new and innovative activities for the betterment of members and the organization; and/or
  • Going above and beyond normal expectations in the execution of an Activist role, demonstrating vision, perseverance and commitment to succeed even in the face of adversity.

Find more information in the Nomination Guide below, and AMAPCEO Members can sign in to access the nomination form when you're ready.

2018 Member Services Award Nomination Guide

Submit a Member Services Award nomination (members only)

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognizes the exceptional service and contributions of an individual activist to the advancement of AMAPCEO over their lifetime of service.  

Likely candidates for this award include a past or present activist with at least ten years of experience in one or more activist roles. This individual is expected to be nearing the end of his or her career. Additionally, the activist should be regarded by peers as an AMAPCEO ambassador, having built positive relationships, over time, with both internal and external stakeholders.

Find more information in the Nomination Guide below, and AMAPCEO Members can sign in to access the nomination form when you're ready.

2018 Lifetime Achievement Award Nomination Guide

Equity Advocate Award

The Equity Advocate Award is awarded to members who demonstrate an outstanding commitment to furthering equity in our union. The Equity Advocate is someone who forwards AMAPCEO’s Equity Statement by:

  • Eliminating discriminatory and exclusive behaviours, policies or practices that prevent or undermine the full and equitable participation of all members in the organization;
  • Taking proactive steps to ensure that full and equitable participation is possible and, in particular, that Association members are respected; and
  • Building a culture in which equity, diversity, tolerance and safety are fundamental.  

Find more information in the Nomination Guide below, and AMAPCEO Members can sign in to access the nomination form when you're ready.

2018 Equity Advocate Award Nomination Guide

Submit an Equity Advocate Award nomination (members only) 

You should receive an electronic receipt of your completed nomination shortly after submitting the online form to the AMAPCEO office.  All information collected is for the sole use of the Activist Recognition Committee members and will not be shared or accessed beyond this process. 

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