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I am retired or retiring
from an AMAPCEO position.

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I am not currently represented by AMAPCEO.

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About AMAPCEO Membership



If you're working in an AMAPCEO position, our union will represent you no matter what.

While membership dues are deducted automatically from your pay by your employer, you are not automatically a signed member of AMAPCEO.

Under our Constitution, we distinguish between being a member of your bargaining unit (which is compulsory), and active, signed membership in our union, which is voluntary.

Signed Membership

Signed membership gives you a more powerful voice in our union and builds a stronger community.

Taking out a signed membership is also a vote of confidence in our union and its role in protecting our working conditions.

It also entitles you to:

  • event invitations;
  • volunteer opportunities;
  • education and training opportunities;
  • discounts on a wide range of products and services through ServicePlus, our affinity program;
  • access to the members-only section of the AMAPCEO website.


If your home position (whether permanent, fixed-term, or temporary) is represented by AMAPCEO, you are entitled to the benefits above and to:
  • vote in AMAPCEO elections;
  • run for leadership or committee positions; and
  • stronger representation for your District (the higher number of signed members in your District, the higher the number of Delegates your District will have).
If your home position is outside of an AMAPCEO bargaining unit, and you are acting in (or seconded to) an AMAPCEO position, you are eligible for signed associate membership, which entitles you to the benefits above and to:
  •  attend and speak at District meetings (but not vote in elections or run for leadership or committee positions).


There is no additional fee to become a signed member. Learn more about dues »

See the difference between signed membership and signed associate membership

Difference between types of AMAPCEO membership

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Retired Membership

If you are retired, or about to retire from your AMAPCEO position, we invite you to become a retired member.

We think retired members are important to our union—a source of expertise, support, and advocacy for the value of public services in our society, the contributions of public professional employees, and the need to protect and strengthen pension plans.

Retired members are able to continue their participation in ServicePlus (our membership affinity program which offers preferential rates and discounts on a wide variety of products and services), continue to receive Member News, and can continue to access the members-only section of the AMAPCEO website, including some educational and training opportunities.

Retired members automatically join the Retirees' Caucus, which elects a delegate-at-large to participate in the Annual Delegates' Conference and the Activists and Leaders Forum. The Caucus also hosts regular meetings and events.

There is a one-time $25 fee, payable by cheque, money order, or e-transfer after you complete your membership application.

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