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Health, Safety & Wellness

You have the right to a healthy and safe workplace, including the right to report unsafe practices and conditions.

While your Employer has the responsibility to ensure your health and safety at work, our union plays an important role. AMAPCEO works cooperatively between members and with workplace committees, management, and other unions to reduce workplace hazards, prevent injuries, and improve overall wellbeing at the workplace.

AMAPCEO has volunteer Health & Safety Representatives in most workplaces. They are trained union members who act on behalf of their colleagues by working directly with the Employer to address and improve health and safety conditions at work.

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Resolving a health and safety issue

If you have a health and safety concern:

  1. Notify your manager or supervisor of the issue.
  2. Notify the nearest AMAPCEO Health & Safety Representative in your District.

AMAPCEO also has a number of fact sheets related to your health, safety, and wellness in the workplace, including one on your right to refuse unsafe work.

Your Joint Health & Safety Committee

A Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) is an advisory group made up of both management and worker representatives. They work together to identify health and safety problems in the workplace and to recommend solutions.

Typically, workplaces with 20 or more regularly-employed workers are required to have a JHSC that’s equally represented by management and workers, including its two co-chairs.

In workplaces where there are between 6 and 19 regularly-employed workers, the Occupational Health and Safety Act requires the appointment of a Health & Safety Representative, rather than a JHSC.

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WorkHealthLife: Your Employee and Family Assistance Program

The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP), known as WorkHealthLife, provides you and your family with free, immediate, and confidential support to help resolve work, health, and life challenges to improve your life.

They can help with career counselling, stress, relationship problems, depression, anxiety, nutrition and weight loss, parenting, and much more.

If you require assistance with a specific issue in the workplace, please contact an AMAPCEO Workplace Representative.

EFAP is available 24/7—online and by phone.

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Other health and safety resources