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Get help with a workplace issue

AMAPCEO is here for you. As your union, independent of your employer and Human Resources, we represent you and your interests.

Confidentiality is guaranteed.

We’ve addressed a few of the most common questions here, but if you’re not sure where your issue fits, the easiest way to figure out your options is to contact a Workplace Representative and get started.

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Find a Workplace Representative

Workplace Representatives are trained union members who have volunteered to confidentially assist members like you in the workplace. They should be your first point of contact in seeking information and representation with an issue at work.

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Your Collective Agreement and fact sheets

The terms and conditions of our employment are codified in our collective agreement. These are legally-binding contracts that protect your wages, give you job security, and ensure employers work collaboratively with our union to seek solutions on work-related matters.

We have also produced several fact sheets on various topics to help you interpret our collective agreements.

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