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Glossary of Acronyms

Some of the following acronyms may appear in various AMAPCEO documents and fact sheets. Relevant links have been included where applicable.

ACERC: AMAPCEO Central Employee Relations Committee

AMERC: AMAPCEO-Ministry Employee Relations Committee

ALOC: Association of Law Officers of the Crown

ASMP: Attendance Support Management Program

AWA: Alternative Work Arrangement

BPS: Broader Public Sector

CA: Collective Agreement

COC: Compensation Option Credit

COLA: Cost of Living Adjustment

CWW: Compressed Work Week

DFR: Duty of Fair Representation

DRO: Dispute Resolutions Officer

EE: Employee

ER: Employer

ERC: Employee Relations Committee

FDR: Formal Dispute Request Form

OFLSC: Office of the French Language Services Commissioner

FXT: Fixed Term Employee

GSB: Grievance Settlement Board

HOOPP: Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan

JBRC: Joint Benefits Review Committee

JE: Job Evaluation

JRP: Joint Review Panel

LOA: Leave of Absence

LTIP: Long-Term Income Protection

LTD: Long-Term Disability

MCIIT DM: Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade Deputy Minister

MOA: Memorandum of Agreement

MOS: Minutes of Settlement

NOL: Notice of Layoff

OAC: Ontario Arts Council

OCAOntario Child Advocate, formerly Office of the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth, now part of the Ontario Ombudsman's office

OHQOntario Health - Quality Unit, formerly called Health Quality Ontario

OHRC: Ontario Human Rights Commission

OLRB: Ontario Labour Relations Board

OPACY: Office of the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth, now part of the Ontario Ombudsman's office

OPB: Ontario Pension Board

OPS: Ontario Public Service

OPSEU: Ontario Public Service Employees Union

PEGO: Professional Engineers Government of Ontario

PIPSC: Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

PSPP: Public Service Pension Plan

SNA: Surplus Notice Alert

STSP: Short-Term Sickness Plan

TEI: Transition Exit Initiative

VC: Vice Chair

WA: Workplace Advisor

WPR: Workplace Representatives

WRC: Workplace Relations Committee

WRTS: Workplace Representative Tracking System