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Dispute Resolution & Help

As a member of AMAPCEO, you have access to a broad range of resources and assistance regarding all aspects of your working conditions. We provide you with the information, process and people to settle your issues, complaints and formal disputes as quickly as possible. Your Collective Agreement is your starting point, as you determine what your rights are in the workplace.

From there, we invite you to explore the options below for resolving workplace issues.


Dispute Resolution Process

Learn about the process of filing a dispute against management for a breach of your rights under the Collective Agreement, Employer policy or the law.

AMAPCEO's dispute resolution processes have been designed to encourage informal resolutions of complaints, both before the complaint is formally disputed and during the formal dispute resolution process itself.

The Ontario Public Service (OPS) Collective Agreement has a three-stage dispute resolution process which includes: the Informal Resolution Stage; the Formal Resolution Stage: and Referral to Arbitration -- see Article 15. At the same time, Broader Public Sector (BPS) unit collective agreements have a four-stage dispute resolution process which includes the Informal Stage, Stage One, Stage Two and Arbitration.

Access your Bargaining Unit's dispute-resolution process here:

Getting Information & Help

Get in touch with trained activists to answer questions about the Collective Agreement or an Employer policy.

AMAPCEO's Workplace Representatives can help you determine if your workplace rights have been violated — and get you on the path to a fair resolution.

Employee Relations Committee

Each ministry in the OPS bargaining unit and each bargaining unit in the Broader Public Sector has an Employee Relations Committee (known as an AMAPCEO-Ministry Employee Relations Committee, or AMERC, in the OPS).  In some cases, a single AMERC will be established for a group of ministries.  The AMERC or ERC consists of an equal number of AMAPCEO and employer representatives who meet on a regular basis to discuss, review and try to resolve broader policy issues or concerns that transcend individual disputes.  The general role and responsibilities of each AMERC/ERC are documented in each Collective Agreement. 

AMAPCEO’s ERC representatives must first be trained as Workplace Representatives and are appointed to an ERC by the AMAPCEO Board of Directors.  They are entitled to paid leave to conduct their responsibilities and attend meetings with the employer.  Please note that the current ERC Representative Appointment Policy is under review and a revised version should be available shortly.  If you have questions about your ERC, please contact one of your ministry or bargaining unit Workplace Representatives.

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