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Equity Statement

Our Equity Statement includes a commitment to:

  • Eliminating discriminatory and exclusive behaviour, policies, or practices that prevent or undermine the full and equitable participation of all who wish to join and pursue the mission of the organization.
  • Taking the proactive steps to ensure that full and equitable participation is possible and will create an environment where union members are respected for their abilities and potential.
  • Building a culture in which equity, diversity, tolerance, and safety are fundamental.

To achieve the above Equity Statement, we agree to:

  1. Respect each member of the group equally;
  2. Ensure a diversity of voices are heard;
  3. Listen with intent;
  4. Speak with purpose;
  5. Be accountable, hold others accountable;
  6. Ask questions, be curious, engage with other members;
  7. Collaborate; and
  8. Allow disagreements, but work through them with care and kindness.


Endorsed at the 2014 Annual Delegates’ Conference

Equity & Diversity in AMAPCEO

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