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Workplace Representative Application

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Please note

Core Workplace Representative training consists of three full days of in-person training, held at the AMAPCEO offices in Toronto. Participants are entitled to paid leave from the workplace to attend the training and, if required, paid leave for travel time to and from Toronto, hotel accommodation and reimbursement of meals (lunch is provided on each day). 

Workplace Representative training is offered 2-3 times a year. We will contact you at your personal email when the training is being offered.

The maximum enrolment for each training session is 20, although we maintain a ‘wait list’ for those applying after the maximum is reached, in case earlier applicants drop out.  A second lens, however, is applied to give priority to applicants from under-serviced areas (defined as either a ratio of more than 75 members for every Workplace Representative or, in smaller bargaining units, a minimum of two Workplace Representatives for the unit). Currently, all Districts in the City of Toronto, as well as the North Bay Community, have been designated as under-serviced and, therefore, as high priority areas. 

Thanks very much for your interest!

Under the provisions of the AMAPCEO Workplace Representative Appointment and Review Policy, this application form must be submitted if any member wishes to be apply to be an AMAPCEO representative. For details on the appointment process please review the Workplace Representative Appointment and Review Policy.

Prior to submitting your application, please review both the AMAPCEO Privacy Policy and the Activist Code of Conduct. All Workplace Representatives are required to sign the Confidentiality Undertaking as part of the appointment process. Please note Article 3.4 of the Workplace Representative Appointment Policy, which states that “A member with an active dispute with the employer, however, may not be considered a candidate for training until such time as the dispute has been concluded.”

This form has four steps:

  1. Member Information: Your basic contact information.
  2. Background Information: Regarding your workplace and experience with AMAPCEO.
  3. Your personal statement.
  4. Confidentiality Agreement.

Note: It is estimated that this application form will take a minimum of at least fifteen minutes to complete. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a staff member via email at Members can also call the AMAPCEO office at 416-595-9000 or 1-888-262-7236.