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Maryanna Lewyckyj

District Director, Ferguson/Whitney

Volunteer Positions:
Workplace Rep, ERC/AMERC, Chapter Chair, Board

Bargaining Unit: OPS

District: Ferguson/ Whitney

Ministry: Energy Northern Dev and Mines

Work Address: 77 Grenville
City: Toronto
Phone: (647) 241-8224


Experienced, active, and dedicated, Maryanna Lewyckyj has been a committed activist since becoming an AMAPCEO member in 2012. She is currently a Senior Project Advisor in the Renewable Energy Facilitation Office in the Ministry of Energy.

Her AMAPCEO volunteer experience includes serving as a Delegate, a Workplace Representative, a Building Coordinator during mobilization and Chapter Chair. She has also been a member of the Board Compensation Committee, Finance Committee and Pensions and Benefits Committee. She was elected as the District Director for Ferguson/Whitney in 2016.

Maryanna believes we need to continue to work hard to support unions so they can support our careers, families, and the ideals of fairness.

Maryanna Lewyckyj
District Director, Ferguson/Whitney

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