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Tom Kasanda, Project Manager - Toronto

We encounter scientific dilemmas every day—from the physical effects of the technology we use to what we allow to be put into our air, our water and our bodies. 

How do we prepare citizens to make informed decisions about their futures? Tom Kasanda, a Designer and Project Manager, thinks it begins with scientific literacy across all ages.

As someone who conceptualizes, designs, and builds science exhibits at the Ontario Science Centre, Tom is constantly thinking about how we can make big ideas accessible to even the youngest minds. He aims to show kids that there isn’t just one type of person who engages with science—that we can all actively participate in it. His expertise ensures that exhibitions take on the big ideas of today and tomorrow with a sense of discovery and fun. Tom sees the importance of instilling scientific literacy as more than just educational; it makes our democracy safer by helping us learn to question our assumptions and to insist on evidence.

The exhibitions designed and sold by Tom and the Ontario Science Centre team have travelled across Canada and around the world - throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Asia — generating revenue for the Ontario economy. If we invest in expertise, the return on that investment for Ontario is both financial and human:  a generation of citizens who know the importance of good decision making.

AMAPCEO represents over 14,000 professional employees like Tom, who brings science to families across the planet.

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