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Caroline Cotter, Visual Arts Program Administrator– Toronto

Access to art connects communities, builds empathy, and improves quality of life, 

but beyond these intrinsic values, the arts in Ontario are an important part of our economy, creating jobs in the cultural sector and driving tourism across the province.

The Ontario Arts Council has been providing grants that support one of the most diverse arts communities in Canada for over 50 years. Grants are given to artists and groups on a one-time basis for specific projects, and as continuing operating grants that help arts non-profits provide opportunities to artists and connect Ontarians to the arts across the province.

Program Administrators like Caroline help administer programs that use specific criteria to fund for the sustainability of the arts community in Ontario, with a framework of accessibility. With grants that prioritize the representation of diverse voices in the arts, she works to support artists and organizations to be able to create, curate and present. These opportunities foster growing talent and help exhibit Ontario talent to the world.

AMAPCEO represents over 14,000 professional public servants like Caroline, who support a sustainable future for Ontario’s artistic horizon.

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