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Public servants make the difference

You may not know it, but Ontario’s public servants have an impact on you and your community—from protecting your safety, to ensuring your workplace is fair, to preserving our province’s environment and culture.

AMAPCEO is a union that represents 15,000 members across Ontario—each of whom makes a difference. They include policy analysts, financial analysts, auditors, economists, mediators, arbitrators, educators, information technology professionals, scientists, veterinarians, program supervisors, child and youth advocates, clinical coordinators, psychiatric patient advocates, language service regulators, media relations and communications officers, epidemiologists, arts granting officers, and many others.

A strong public service allows Ontario to improve its quality of life by planning and providing for its citizens. Streets are safer, water is cleaner, arts programs are funded, the environment is sustained, and medical technology is tested by non-partisan professionals who have your community in mind.

AMAPCEO members are planning, researching, advocating, coordinating, analyzing, and preparing for a growing province that relies on the quality public services that make communities strong. 

Public servants make the difference, and AMAPCEO members are Working for Ontario.