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John Westlake, Senior Business Advisor at Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport - Toronto

Tourism in Ontario creates a lot of memories… and a lot of jobs!

It takes some strategic work so everyone can kick back, relax, and enjoy everything our province has to offer, and that’s good news! Thousands of jobs are based in Ontario’s 34-billion-dollar tourism industry as people from all over the world flock to see our world-class attractions and events. When we invest in showcasing our talented performers, incomparable arts and culture, and stunning natural beauty, it generates regional economic development and helps support communities across the province.

Provincial agencies are a delivery arm of government that operate attractions and run events. John and his colleagues at the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sport liaise between agencies and government. John and his colleagues help local agencies to evaluate their assets, optimize resources, and provide advice to help them realize new opportunities. As an advisor to his agency clients and to elected officials, John helps ensure that events and cultural institutions are operating efficiently and effectively so they can be sustainable for generations to come.

AMAPCEO represents over 14,000 professional public servants like John, who help preserve Ontario’s culture.

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