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Melissa Turner, Program Assistant – Emergency Management - North York

As the global climate changes, so does the severity of storms in Ontario.

Ontario has seen erratic weather become more commonplace; whether it’s ‘100-year floods’ hitting communities every couple of years, or forest fires taking new paths with more intensity than seen in the past.

In addition to the damage done to the cities and towns they hit, extreme weather events can block roads leaving people trapped in their homes.

Emergency Management workers such as Melissa work hard to anticipate emergency situations and prepare communities for them, but also make sure that enough supplies are on the ground in a timely manner when disaster does strike. After the worst of the weather has happened, they monitor the situation to continue to offer support. Melissa also evaluates the success of a variety of programs, from how much supplies was sent to a place or if evacuations went smoothly, to gather more information and prepare for next time.

AMAPCEO represents over 14,000 of Ontario’s professional employees like Melissa, who plan to minimize the impact of emergencies on communities across Ontario.

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Ontario's Professional Employees at work

Adam - I protect our environment.   Alison | I make workplace fair.  
Darlene - I make sure you get home safe.   Harold | I protect vulnerable Ontarians.
Immaculate - I bring you the latest in healthcare innovation.   Jennifer - I plan so students succeed.
Rawle - I provide support for marginalized youth.   Samantha | I make our communities more inclusive.
Sarah - I plan so everyone can participate.   
Tom - I keep your private data private.

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