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Nancy, Supply Chain Project Lead – Jarvis

Uniforms for frontline workers. Food for social programs. Medical supplies for hospitals.

The Ontario Public Service doesn’t go shopping in the traditional sense, but it does need to acquire many different goods and products to run its programs and services, frequently in extremely large quantities.

Ontario’s government uses a transparent procurement process to get the best value for the massive quantities of products they need. Efforts have been made to cut red tape and make the procurement process easier to access for businesses of all sizes, but there are many factors to consider when determining a vendor, including cost, efficiency, and environmental impact. It can be complicated and intimidating for small businesses to scale up to the government’s bigger demands.

As a Supply Chain Project Lead with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, Nancy works with a variety of businesses, from traditional mom and pop shops to growing start-ups, and helps them compete in a fair and transparent bidding process. Government contracts can provide small businesses with stability, and the ability to scale up their production and create jobs. Nancy knows that when Ontario businesses can provide the best options for the Ontario government, it’s a success for everyone in the province.

AMAPCEO represents over 14,000 professional public servants like Nancy who help businesses grow across Ontario.

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