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Sarah Hoy, Program Analyst - Ottawa

Everyone deserves to participate – whether it’s in school or on the playground.

As a Program Analyst with the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, Sarah Hoy manages data for resources and service system management that support the care for children and youth. Her expertise includes supporting agencies that offer rehabilitation services for children and youth with developmental disabilities, so they can have fun and experience childhood.

With competing priorities and budgetary constraints, Sarah and her colleagues help maintain and support high-impact programs to benefit as many children and youth as possible.

AMAPCEO represents over 13,250 professional employees like Sarah, who ensure Ontario includes everyone. 

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Ontario's Professional Employees at work

Adam - I protect our environment.   Alison | I make workplace fair.
Darlene  - I make sure you get home safe.   Ed - I make sure help arrives when you need it. 
Harold | I protect vulnerable Ontarians.   Immaculate - I bring you the latest in healthcare innovation.
Jennifer - I plan so student succeed.   Rawle - I provide support for marginalized youth.
Samantha | I make our communities more inclusive.   
Tom - I keep your private data private.


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