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Scott Gothard, Electrical Coordinator – Northern Ontario

In an era of doorstep delivery, it can be hard to remember how much is involved in transporting goods.

Many communities across Ontario do not have road or train access which means everything from medical supplies to clothing to food must arrive by air. For northern Indigenous communities to get the supplies they need day-to-day; it is critical that planes are able to safely land in the many small airports that connect these communities to the resources and goods available in the rest of Ontario. It is also important to have these airports ready to transport people in the case of a medical emergency or evacuation.

The Ontario Public Service works with a variety of airlines to get goods and services to remote parts of the province. Keeping airports safe and up to date is the provinces’ responsibility to its citizens. Electrical Coordinators like Scott are responsible for the year-round management of regular maintenance and inspection to ensure navigational aids are in full compliance with federal regulations at 29 airports across Ontario, spanning from Waśaho Ininiwak (Fort Severn), the most northern community in Ontario, to Armstrong. 

AMAPCEO represents over 14,000 professional public servants like Scott who work to keep communities open.

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