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A timeline of Bargaining. We are at Bargaining Team Selection, having completed Bargaining Readiness Working Group formed. Priority Setting, Notice to Bargain, Opening Proposals, and Negotiations are to follow.

We have worked hard to achieve fair working conditions, including critical job security provisions, and a constructive dispute resolution process that protects our workplace rights as professional public servants.

This time around, we will be confronted with an important, and potentially challenging, round of bargaining with the employer.

Our goal is to make fair and reasonable gains for all of us, fight any unfair concessions, and work creatively to help shape the workplace of the future.

The only way we can do this is by standing together and demonstrating our collective strength. It’s the only way we can protect the terms and conditions of employment that we have worked so hard to establish, and the only way we can in turn, protect the important services that we provide to our communities.

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About Collective Bargaining

About Collective Bargaining »

Stronger together: collective bargaining works.

Collective bargaining occurs when a group of people in a workplace band together to increase their negotiating power. There is a greater likelihood of success together than there is apart, so it is also about demonstrating our collective will and resolve. Find out more about the collective bargaining process and find answers to your most frequently asked questions.

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About Bill 124 »

Bill 124 is Ontario's unconstitutional wage-restraint legislation.

Learn more about how Bill 124 affects bargaining, what our union is doing to fight it, and how you can help.

About Bill 124 »

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Become a member of the Bargaining Team.

Learn more about what is involved, and how you can play a key role.

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