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Darlene Jackson, Highway Enforcement Supervisor - North Bay

Whether you're going on a trip or heading home, you know to keep your eyes on the road.

What you probably don't know is that Darlene Jackson, Highway Enforcement Supervisor for Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation is watching out for you as well.

Large trucks get products, resources, and supplies out to all corners of our province. Such large loads require special oversight to avoid accidents. Darlene is outside day and night in all sorts of weather to make sure trucks move safely around Ontario. 

As a public service professional of 29 years, Darlene is skillfully trained to keep safety top of mind while ensuring large motor vehicles can get where they need to go without putting you at risk.

AMAPCEO represents over 13,250 professional employees like Darlene, who are working hard to make sure more Ontarians get home safely.

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Ontario's Professional Employees at work

Adam - I protect our environment.  Alison | I make workplace fair. 
Ed - I make sure help arrives when you need it.  Harold | I protect vulnerable Ontarians.
Immaculate - I bring you the latest in healthcare innovation.  Jennifer - I plan so student succeed.
Rawle - I provide support for marginalized youth.  Samantha | I make our communities more inclusive.
Sarah - I plan so everyone can participate. 
Tom - I keep your private data private.

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