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Ed Pow, Communications Training Officer - Hamilton

You call 911 in an emergency. Public servants like Ed Pow make sure someone answers.

During 16 years as an emergency medical dispatcher, Ed’s professionalism helped assess situations and ensure that resources got to people in crisis as quickly as possible. Now, Ed works as a Communications Training Officer, travelling from busy urban centres to some of the most remote fly-in communities in the province, teaching new medical dispatchers how to keep their fellow Ontarians safe.

Dispatching is a stressful job. People in the field are helping callers through what could be the worst days of their lives. Ed teaches his students how to provide the best care to others, but also how they can take care of themselves in a career that regularly exposes them to trauma.

In over 30 years in the field and in the classroom, Ed has offered immeasurable protection to both civilians and his own students.

AMAPCEO represents over 13,000 professional public servants like Ed, who care about the safety and best interests of everyone in Ontario. 

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