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Harold Haynes, Senior Client Representative - Hamilton

As your parents get older, you may have to become responsible for managing their finances. 

Harold Haynes, Senior Client Representative at the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee, is appointed when people in vulnerable situations have no one to protect their financial interests.

Harold has had to challenge nursing homes, other organizations, and even family members to prevent financial abuse and preserve assets that his clients have spent their lives working for.

A nearly 30-year provincial government employee, Harold has observed an increase in both the number and complexity of caseloads.  Sometimes clients with dementia are confused or angry about having to work with him; in other cases, caregivers don’t understand his role in making decisions on behalf of his clients.  

Harold and his colleagues fight for their clients to keep them, and their financial futures, safe – a big responsibility but an essential one in a society such as ours that believes in providing safety nets for those unable to take care of themselves. 

AMAPCEO represents 14,000 professional employees like Harold, who defend and protect vulnerable Ontarians. 

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