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Request an Alternative Work Arrangement

Your time is precious. That’s why AMAPCEO has strong language in your Collective Agreement to put you in more control of your time. You may consider entering into an agreement with the OPS Employer allowing you to use compressed work weeks, flexible hours, and remote work.

These alternative work arrangements can help you avoid commuting during peak times, spend more time with loved ones, tend to dependent care needs, or better balance your work/life commitments.

Compressed Work Weeks

You and your supervisor can agree for you to work a compressed work week (CWW) schedule. In a CWW, you work additional time each day, which will accumulate to earn you a day off work on a regular cycle.


  • 1-week compressed schedule (work an extra 109 minutes a day for 4 working days to enjoy the 5th day off; for example: 9 am–6:49 pm)
  • 2-week compressed schedule (work an extra 48 minutes a day for 9 working days to enjoy the 10th day off; for example: 9 am–5:48 pm)
  • 3-week compressed schedule (work an extra 31 minutes a day for 14 working days to enjoy the 15th day off; for example: 9 am–5:31 pm)
  • 4-week compressed schedule (work an extra 23 minutes a day for 19 working days to enjoy the 20th day off; for example: 9 am–5:23 pm)

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Remote Work

The OPS Employer's Return to OPS Workplace (pandemic) plan permits most employees to work remotely two days a week.

You can submit a request to your manager for the number of days per week that you want to work remotely now and on an ongoing basis, even when the current Return to OPS Workplace plan ends.

  • 1 day a week
  • 2 days a week
  • 3 days a week
  • 4 days a week
  • 5 days a week

As many as two remote work days would be covered under the Return to OPS Workplace plan, with the balance pursuant to Article 47 of the AMAPCEO OPS Collective Agreement. When the Return to OPS Workplace plan ends, they will all be pursuant to Article 47 of the AMAPCEO OPS Collective Agreement.

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Under our Collective Agreement, there is no prescribed maximum to the number of days you could work remotely, for example. The Employer must consider all requests in good faith and against operational viability. The success of remote work since March 2020 has demonstrated that the vast majority of AMAPCEO members can work from just about anywhere. 

If your request is declined, you can exercise your right to dispute their denial. And of course, if you have a health or family status need for an accommodation, please seek one from your manager. An AMAPCEO Workplace Representative can help you with this if you run into any issues.

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We have created a quick and easy form to help you get started.  Simply fill in the information requested, and we’ll generate a request to your manager.

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If you’re in a bargaining unit outside the OPS, contact your local Workplace Representative to get started.