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AMAPCEO Flexible Work for OPS Members

You have your reasons.

Your time is precious.  That’s why AMAPCEO has negotiated strong collective agreement language to put you more in control of your time. 

You’re entitled to request a “Compressed Work Week” where you can work a bit longer each day, and earn up to 26 additional days off each year. In addition, you can also request to telecommute one or more days each week.

Our OPS collective agreement and Employer policy are meant to promote access to flexible work arrangements for those who want them.


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Article 47 of the Ontario Public Service (OPS) collective agreement allows you to enter into alternative work arrangements (AWAs), which can include compressed work weeks, flexible hours, and telework. 

You can find out everything you need to know before submitting a request by checking out the AWA factsheet.

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We have created a quick and easy form to help you get started.  Simply fill in the information requested, and we’ll generate a request to your manager.

If you’re in a bargaining unit outside the OPS, contact your local Workplace Representative to get started.

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