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Collective Agreements, Guides & Fact Sheets

A legally binding guarantee.

Your Collective Agreement is a legally-binding contract that ensures your employer consults with you by working collaboratively to seek solutions on matters that affect the terms and conditions of your employment. It protects your wages, working conditions, job security, and more. Your Collective Agreement means that your workplace is governed with transparency and fairness.

Select your bargaining unit below to see your Collective Agreement and a number of helpful guides and fact sheets related to your rights and entitlements.

Ontario Public Service (OPS) Guides

RADAR How-to-Videos for OPS Members




Ontario Public Service (OPS) Fact Sheets & Videos



Alternative Work Arrangements


More about Alternative Work Arrangements 




Conversion or Rollover


Employee Discipline



Fixed-Term Employees



Job Security



Leaves of Absence




Long-Term Income Protection (LTIP)


Overtime & Hours of Work



Performance Management



Personal Harassment




Right to Representation


Short Term Sick Plan (STSP)

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