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AMAPCEO News & Campaigns

AMAPCEO News & Updates

Published: Wednesday, February 24, 2021 Update

Executive Committee takes part in Ryerson Labour Relations Program

Centre for Labour Management Relations at Ryerson University

President Dave Bulmer, Vice-President Cynthia Watt, Treasurer Damian Suffoletta, Board

Published: Wednesday, February 10, 2021 Update

Tiziana Pauluzzo new Northern Ontario District Director


Tiziana Pauluzzo has been acclaimed as the new District Director for AMAPCEO’s Northern Ontario District.

Published: Wednesday, February 10, 2021 Update

Ontario Budget: AMAPCEO calls for paid sick days for all, wage-restraint repeal, and collaboration on future of OPS

Ontario Budget submission

In its budget submission, AMAPCEO is calling on the government to maintain remote work policies, collaborate on the design of the Ontario

Published: Tuesday, February 9, 2021 Update

AMAPCEO among 40 unions in coalition taking next step in challenging Bill 124

Coalition to defend protective bargaining

AMAPCEO is one of the original ten unions to join the Ontario coalition, organized by the Ontario Federation of Labour, who have toge

Published: Wednesday, January 27, 2021 Update

AMAPCEO Celebrates Black History Month

We Shall Overcome - February is Black History Month

February is Black History Month. AMAPCEO recognizes Black History Month as an occasion to highlight and to reflect on the accomplishments and contributions of Canadians of African descent, and on the work that remains to be done by all of us to promote equity in the workplace and in society. Learn more about the origins of Black History Month in Canada.

Published: Wednesday, January 27, 2021 Update

AMAPCEO joins call for paid sick days, long-term care reform

President Dave Bulmer at round table with union leaders

The union representing more than 14,000 of the province’s professional employees is joining the chorus of voices calling on the governmen

President's Message

Wednesday, January 27, 2021 President's Message

Paid sick days for all: let’s get it done


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Ontario's Professional Employees at Work

Learn more about some of AMAPCEO's members through our public awareness campaign.

Tom - I make science more accessible  Jennifer - I plan so students succeed  Samantha - I make our communities more inclusive  Sarah - I plan so everyone can participate

Solidarity Pact with OPSEU and PEGO

In April 2014, AMAPCEO signed a solidarity pact with the Ontario Public Sector Employees' Union (OPSEU) and the Professional Engineers Government of Ontario (PEGO) to protect public services in Ontario and to ensure good jobs, fair contracts, liveable wages and decent benefits for employees, retirees and our families. The pledge is a commitment to:

  • Defending the importance of keeping Ontario's services public;
  • Advancing the social, economic and general welfare of all employees in the OPS;
  • Supporting each other in protecting the provisions of our collective agreements;
  • Protecting the long-term viability of the OPS;
  • Establishing strong working relationships with all OPS labour unions and associations;
  • Acting to defend and protect the civil rights and liberties of employees and protect the rights and freedoms of trade unions in Ontario.


On behalf of the membership, the Board of Directors passes solidarity motions and takes action to support public services and public service workers around the province.

We know that solidarity makes a difference and it matters! Our combined efforts, letters and workplace actions can help to support other unions and labour associations to take on the government’s proposed austerity cuts. Solidarity movements show our commitment to protecting our rights as workers and the strength of our collective agreements.

If you know of a labour action that AMAPCEO should support, please contact the President, Dave Bulmer, via email at